In 2020, the receptive agency Toundra Voyages returns to its roots and offers the best it can do: a selection of tailor-made trips from coast to coast across Canada. Its know-how and expertise are expressed through original and surprising products and itineraries, which will arouse your curiosity and make you discover Canada with a new perspective.

West is calling: Vancouver Island storms, Sunshine Coast, ranches, vineyards…

Go to an unknown land in the Far North, and enjoy the incredible sigth of the mid-August Northern Lights.

Discover Ontario like you have never seen it before! Turquoise sea, huge beaches, dunes, wrecks to explore…

Explore Quebec in a different way: let’s conquer the Route des Explorateurs, the Eastern Townships and even the North Shore !

Set course for the Maritimes: with its colourful fishing villages and its icebergs that slowly drift along the coast.