Influencers Village, Season 2
40 experts from social media selected for the next edition

Nowadays, many tourism industry professionals are calling on influencers, who have come to play an essential role in the sector. Including e-influence in your digital strategy in order to develop your image has become vital.

The influence of social media on decision-making
According to a Next Content study for Expedia, content (comments, photos, opinions, etc.) shared on social media plays a key role in decision-making. Travelers who use social media say that it often influences their choice of destination (23%), activities (25%) or accommodation (29%). These figures are even higher among younger travellers (18-24), at 48%, 45% and 42% respectively. 
Moreover, 40% of travellers from France who have discussed their next trip on social media say that they have changed their destination or itinerary following these discussions. 
These results underline the importance of social media in the decisions customers make about destinations, trips, hotels and experiences.

IFTM Top Resa under the influence 😉
For IFTM Top Resa, the first edition’s success underlined exhibitors’ strong interest in this interactive social platform in the form of a workshop. In 2018, in partnership with Travel Insight, the digital communication agency specialised in tourism, the Influencers Village provided the opportunity for 32 bloggers to meet with around 800 professionals in one-on-one meetings scheduled in advance or improvised during the many events held in the village. 
IFTM Top Resa and Travel Insight are continuing this partnership popular with tourism professionals, this year with 40 influencers representing a total following of around 12 million people. Trade show exhibitors will be able to access each of their profiles and book appointments online based on their selection criteria ( 
The village will feature various events during the 4-day trade show. The goal is to create a place where tourism professionals and influencers know they can meet and share ideas.  

40 influencers and a range of specialities
Each day, the village will host 10 professional influencers selected for the quality and originality of their content.
• 1 October: Best Jobers, Bien voyager, JC Pieri, Tolt, You Make Fashion and Le Petit Français, Audrey Pirault, Carolananas, Morguix, On met les voiles and One day One Travel. 
• 2 October: Léa Camilleri, Little Gypsy, Les sentiers du Phoenix, Jonathan Bertin, Le grand JD, Annika and Jessica Horn, Romain Costa, Ophélie Duvillard, Madame Floutch and Meg&cook. 
• 3 October: Anil B, Travel me Happy, Bruno Maltor, Meryl Denis, Mademoiselle Voyage, Steven Herteleer, Healthy life Mary, The Balloon diary, Family Coste and Girl born to travel.
• 4 October: Un duvet pour deux, les droners, Maxime Langlais and Alizée, Nos curieux voyageurs, Mes ptits bouts du monde, Itinera Magica, Le Canard Ivre, Marjolie Maman, A day in the World and Olivier Wong.

With a wide range of profiles – lifestyle, travel, food, family, adventure/sports – and the outstanding talent of people who share unique, inspirational and quality content with their communities, professionals will have the opportunity to meet their future ambassadors.

According to Frédéric Lorin, Director of IFTM TOP RESA:  “Our sector and its practices are constantly changing. Providing our exhibitors with services and content that reflect market trends and developments is at the heart of our strategy to serve as a comprehensive showcase of our industry today and in the future. Influencers are part of the new landscape of our profession.”
Source Next Content study for Expedia (french version): The use of social media before, during and after trips