Exclusive: the creations of the new Innovation Village revealed!
Emotions at the heart of innovation

IFTM Top Resa is launching a new Innovation Village dedicated to emotions in the heart of the TechZone. This space will focus on inspiring creations and will be opened for the first time at the IFTM Top Resa trade show on 1 October.
New technologies and the digitalisation of the travel industry are essential to remaining competitive and the search for “smart” inspiration. Now, more than ever, experience, acquisition and customer retention hinge on creating emotion.
Showcasing exhibitors in the Innovation Village!
These innovations are special because they are innovative building blocks that can be easily integrated into existing solutions. They can be easily tailored and adapted to specific problems and will be a source of inspiration because they are people-centred and fulfil the dreams of IFTM Top Resa exhibitors and visitors alike.
Each innovation targets specific sectors: tourism offices, travel agents, accommodation and leisure providers, sites or transport companies.
7 of them were especially designed for this trade show.

STIMULATION DEJA VU – creation – https://stimulationdejavu.com/ 
What if your nose remembered your next trip?
Stimulation Déjà Vu develops connected olfactory and sensory strategies that blend cognitive science and experimental marketing. 
Stimulation Déjà Vu has created exclusive olfactory solutions for IFTM that will take you on a journey of the senses, where you can sniff out your next trip or delve into the world of your imagination.

GOUVERNAIL – http://www.voog.fr/le-gouvernail/
The disruptive innovation revolutionising directions for pedestrians.
This low-tech, sustainable and eco-friendly innovation is easy to install and provides a customisable, revolving map with changing themes, content, graphics and scale.
This 100% mechanical street solution gives information and directions with no internet connection required, helping pedestrians to find their way more easily, and can be combined with other traditional or digital tools.
ADOK – creation https://www.getadok.com/
Enter the Smart Office era by optimising your meetings.
Adok has created the perfect combination of hardware and software with an ultra-portable touchscreen projector and assistant to make all your documents interactive.
4D MOTION – https://4dmotion.fr/
For over 30 years, 4D Motion has specialised in the most innovative processes for holography, AR/VR (augmented reality, virtual reality), mapping and, more broadly, all digital technologies.
WIDEWEBVR – creation – https://widewebvr.com
WideWebVR uncovers a unique 360° interactive experience. By blurring the lines between the physical world and virtual reality, they open the door to a new type of travel.
Who will hop on board their oh-so-70s Volkswagen Combi to experience the tourism of the future?
BIRDLY – https://www.somniacs.co/
Birdly® aims to fulfil people’s age-old dream of flying.
Using virtual reality (VR) and robotics, SOMNIACS creates an extremely vivid full-body experience to make you as free as a bird to explore a destination.
AGLAE – creationhttps://www.design-aglae.com/
Welcome to the magical world of glowing plants!
Aglaé has developed a fully-biodegradable system to make flowers glow in the dark under black light, so that you can enjoy them both day and night!
BARYL – creation  – https://www.gares-sncf.com/fr/actualites/baryl-poubelle-mobile
Don’t go to the bin, let the bin come to you!
B.A.R.Y.L is a mobile bin that makes life easier by anticipating your needs and moving so you don’t have to!
MASH UP TABLE – creationhttps://www.mashuptable.fr/
Mashup Table takes any communication media in tourism offices, travel agents or information centres and makes them interactive, creating fully customisable and editable communication products.
ODIHO – https://www.odiho.com/
Multi-content noiseless sound systems
Odiho broadcasts audio content to smartphones – now you can block out background noise in public places thanks to your headphones!
COG LAB – creationhttps://coglab.fr/
A way of expression with brainwaves!
With this unique experience, a “battle of the brains” especially created for the Innovation Village uses brainwaves to decide on tourism destinations and activities using EEG headsets.
What’s up Doc?
Frédéric Lorin, Director of IFTM Top Resa, wanted to create a new space dedicated to innovation and turned to Dr Sophie Lacour, who is a researcher and founder of Advanced Tourism.
With a focus on innovations especially tailored to tourism, this space of around 100m2 at the entrance to the TechZone will showcase innovative and inspiring tourism solutions and products, right next to the Hackathon, startups and Business Club.
Sophie Lacour has looked in sectors far-removed from tourism to find innovations that she and entrepreneurs have adapted to the specific needs of the travel industry. 
Can we touch it?
Visitors will be able to test the innovations showcased, including immersing themselves in a 360° trip, feeling materials, using screens remotely, exploring their brainwaves or smelling destinations… These innovations, including 7 new creations, will be featured exclusively from 1 to 4 October.
Who is Sophie Lacour?
Sophie Lacour is a researcher and has a PhD in information and communication science. She is the founder of Advanced Tourism, a tourism research firm specialised in innovation, and the main partner of the first edition of IFTM Top Resa’s Innovation Village.
She provides lectures and consulting on tourism of the future, and was behind the French tourism delegation at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

Frédéric Lorin, Director of IFTM Top Resa, says:  “Over the past 3 years, IFTM Top Resa has cemented its technological shift. After creating the Start-Up Contest, Hackathon, TechZone and Digital Day, this year, the trade show will be inaugurating a major new addition, the Innovation Village by Advanced Tourism. Sophie Lacour is the leading specialist in innovation in the travel industry. She has the ability to imagine the potential of a product, solution or even a project. She is an expert in decoding and interpreting innovation.”
Sophie Lacour, founder of Advanced Tourism, adds: “Innovation is an essential theme for the tourism challenges of today and tomorrow. This collaboration with the leading B2B trade fair for travel segments is an incredible opportunity for the new talents featured, and for Advanced Tourism. I like to discover new things and understand them. What I love most is unearthing an innovative project where the creators had no idea that it could be applied to the travel sector. Several solutions featured in the IFTM Top Resa Innovation Village are great examples of this. I sensed their huge potential and worked with these young entrepreneurs to find specific tourism applications that can be immediately implemented in hotels, tourism offices, travel agencies, heritage sites, and even boats.”

Airbnb for Work and SNCF supported the launch of the Innovation Village.